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At UMD, we cultivate a campus of fearless innovators to reframe and disrupt the norm to bring about change. By empowering students to reimagine the landscape, not blend in, we prepare them to solve the world’s toughest problems.

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"Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money." - William J. Cameron #innovationinspiration

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." - General George Patton #innovationinspiration

The Academy is facilitating at Bullis School's Young Innovators Program teaching students about design thinking from prototyping to the marshmallow challenge to mind mapping

Located at 3308A Symons Hall and open to all students any time. Come on up and ideate away! Your work may show up on Facebook!


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Every corner of our campus, from the sciences and humanities to research and business, is committed to launching Fearless Ideas.


Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (AIE)

AIE was launched by UMD President Wallace Loh in 2013 and charged with engaging all 35,000+ of our students in innovation & entrepreneurship to prepare them to tackle the world's toughest problems.

Skills our students gain -

Our students completely reimagine the landscape by developing deep empathy for potential stakeholders, reframing problems, and trying unexpected & game-changing solutions.

Who we are -

Operating directly out of the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost, our core team is multi-disciplinary, creative and has a “bias to yes” attitude. We collaborate with the Deans from every school and college as well as an extended team of I&E-related programs & departments across campus that are passionate about creating innovation opportunities for all students.

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The Academy builds upon an incredible foundation of entrepreneurial courses and programs built over 25 years.