Our AIE Team

Dean Chang
Appointed “Dean” at birth
Assoc VP for I&E

Lived 1/3 life in Maryland,
1/3 life in California, and
1/3 life in 5 other states

Favorite movies: Shawshank
& Wreck-It Ralph

LinkedIn: ter.ps/deanc
Twitter: @UMDdeanc
Email: deanc@umd.edu
Phone: (301) 314-8121
Office: 1118 Edward St. John Center

Loves to play, coach,
and watch basketball

Favorite family traditions:
Beach week @ the Outer Banks, RV road trips

Wants every student to discover and unleash the innovator inside!

Erica Estrada-Liou
Director of Curriculum & Experiential Learning

Hails from Pearland, TX

Spent 12 years living in
sunny California, so snow
is a new & wondrous
phenomenon to her

Is kind of obsessed with
lighting solutions for
the developing world…

LinkedIn: ter.ps/ede
Email: eestrad3@umd.edu
Phone: : (301) 314-0425
Office: 3300D Symons Hall

Enjoys riding her road
bike, practicing yoga
& watching The Tonight
Show with Jimmy Fallon

Thinks that students should,
when in doubt,
begin with empathy

Brooke Smith
Marketing & Operations Manager

Has a knack for finding
four leaf clovers

Enjoys baking,
especially chocolate
chip cookies

Loves reading, being outside,
and hanging out with her
dogs: Albert & Lucy

LinkedIn: ter.ps/bes
Email: bsmith11@umd.edu
Phone: (301) 405-5882
Office: 3300D Symons Hall

Speaks French & lived
in Nice, France

Thinks students should
explore the world and
follow their passion

Meenu Singh
Innovation Specialist

Only sets her alarm to
even-numbered minutes

Could spend the rest
of her life in the
Grand Canyon

LinkedIn: ter.ps/mks

Known as the
"Queen of Puns"

Office: 3300D Symons Hall

Kim Wallace
Director of Program Management and Finance


Mira Azarm
Design Thinking Facilitator

Favorite shows include
Battlestar Galactica and
Saturday Night Live

Teaches social design and design
leadership at the Maryland Institute
College of Art

LinkedIn: ter.ps/mira

Always has an interesting
article to share

Amitabh Saxena
Design Thinking Facilitator

Deep expertise in finding
bargain airfares online

Entire career in product
innovation, all in financial services

From Montreal, Canada -
so not intimidated by
a little snow

LinkedIn: ter.ps/8me
Email: amitabh@umd.edu

Currently runs a consulting
firm on using mobile
technologies for social
impact (ter.ps/8md)

Karen Hold
Design Thinking Facilitator

Attended 4 Olympic
Games to cheer on
friends who were
Olympic competitors

Lived in a ski resort
in Sun Valley, Idaho
for 14 years

Email: dckarenhold@gmail.com
Twitter: @KarenHold

International Gold Ice Dance
Medalist who has skated with
Brian Boitano, Nancy Kerrigan,
Sasha Cohen, Scott Hamilton,
Paul Wylie, Oksana Baiul and
many more Olympic medalists
and competitors

Rachel Thompson
Design Thinking Facilitator

Grew up on a farm
in rural Kansas

Loves to dance

LinkedIn: http://ter.ps/rac
Twitter: @rachcald
Instagram: @rachcald

Loves to travel and
go on adventures like
hiking the Inca Trail,
camping for 3 weeks in
Alaska, and exploring Ireland

Tom Heffner
Design Thinking Facilitator

Performs Improv in
a local troupe

Changed careers 4 times
in 13 years – all at the
same organization

LinkedIn: ter.ps/tah
Website: Tomheffner.com
Twitter: @Tom_Heffner

Been married 3 times –
all to the same woman

Surfed the biggest swell
(waves) on the South Shore of
Oahu in the last 25 years

Loves the movie Flash Gordon
and its amazing soundtrack
by Queen

Sarina Haryanto
Peer Innovation Coach

Volunteers as a
Crisis Counselor for
Crisis Text Line

Obsessed with matcha
(lattes, ice cream, Kit Kat)

Rode the fastest roller
coaster in the world

Loves dance fitness

Travelled to Singapore,
Malaysia, Thailand, the UAE, and
Japan during study abroad programs

Ishaan Parikh
Computer Science major
Peer Innovation Coach

Wants to retire in the Caribbean
with his own smoothie shop

Co-designed and currently teaching
a UMD course (CMSC389K)

Favorite food is Chipotle

LinkedIn: ter.ps/ishaan
Website: iparikh.co

Has played beer pong
against President Loh

Micaela Quiroga
Peer Innovation Coach

Learned to climb before
she could walk

Family is the
most important thing
in the world!

Majoring in Communication
and minoring in Technology

50% Bolivian,
50% South African,
100% citizen of the world

Absolutely loves animals, and
throughout her life has had
many unusual pets: turkeys,
donkeys, and a Bearded Dragon
to name a few!

Ankush Manchanda
Peer Innovation Coach

Visited 25 countries
over 5 continents

Speaks Hindi

Email: ankm1@umd.edu
LinkedIn: ter.ps/ankush

Brought his dog Sparky
back from Australia

Loves technology

Loves going to festivals
and the beach in the Summer

Hannah Correlli
Peer Innovation Coach

Loves making and creating
in any way

Current favorite show is
"The Incredible Dr. Pol"

Has a betta fish, a snail,
and two shrimp

Ms. Frizzle is her role model

Forever passionate about using
design for social impact

Shad Khan

AIE Alum