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Getting to Our Office

Directions from Regents Garage

Walk from Regents Garage

(Directions to Regents Garage)
1) Walk down Regents Drive towards Campus Drive (towards the M circle).

2) Pass the Plant Sciences Building (on the right) and the Geology building (on the right) and then cross Campus Drive.

3) Symons is the first building on the right after crossing Campus Drive. Enter through the doors on the Campus Drive.

4) Once in Symons, go left and follow the hallway to the elevator. Take it to the third floor. We are in suite 3300.

Directions from Visitor's Center
Directions from the UMD Visitor’s Center

Parking at the Visitor Center is limited to 30 minutes unless you have a pre-arranged parking code.

Walk from the Visitor Center

(Directions to Visitor Center)
1) Walk towards campus (away from Route 1). It’s a straight walk from the Visitor Center to Symons Hall.

2) Pass the Armory (on the left) and the Mitchell Building (on the right) and then cross Regent’s Drive. Symons Hall is the first building on the right.

3) Enter Symons Hall from the stairs facing McKeldin Mall (the field) and take the elevator up to the third floor. We are in Suite 3300.

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