The Academy’s mission is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship to all 35,000+ UMD students. Every semester we get closer to our goal by collaborating with all 12 schools and colleges. Here’s some of the buzz we’ve generated:

UMD ranked in Top 10 for I&E for the third straight year

by the Princeton Review

UMD ranked one of the Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs in 2018

by Entrepreneur Magazine

How design thinking can be applied across the campus

a snippet from the Chronicle of Education. Read the full article here.

Explore how I-Corps impacts UMD Students (The Diamondback) Explore how I-Corps impacts UMD Students (The Diamondback)

NSF Awards $3.45M National Innovation Ecosystem Grant to University of Maryland

to continue leading one of seven I-Corps nodes in the country

UMD Notables and Firsts

First-of-kind hybrid undergraduate incubator/dormitory where students live, study, and work

featured on CNN when launched in the ’00-’01 academic year

First Maryland tech incubator

launched in 1985 graduating 100+ companies including biotech industry leaders Martek Biosciences & Digene

Notable innovator and entrepreneur alumni

who are behind Under Armour, Sirius XM Radio, Google, Oculus VR, Polycom, Crash Bandicoot, arterial stents, hyperlinks, and the UPC bar code

Over 40 active angel investors and VCs

participate in the on-campus angel network

Global entrepreneurship partnerships

in China, Israel, and Russia

30 Days of enTERPreneurship

celebrated every spring, awarding more than a quarter million dollars for the best ideas and innovations in tech, business, healthcare, social value, and clean energy