Academy Space Guidelines

We want to keep the guidelines for the Academy spaces as simple as possible. Here they are:

      1. Reserve time for the MediaScape and the Garage.

      2. Be respectful of the spaces, treat them with care and clean up after yourself.

      3. If you bring food and drink, make sure to remove all trash and leftovers when you leave.

      4. Close the Garage door behind you.

      5. Keep the noise level (talking, music, etc.) at a normal volume. People are hard at work around you.

      6. The Academy provides dry-erase markers and erasers. Don’t take them or else we won’t have any more to give you.

      7. Stay within your time slot. If you group needs more time, ask an Academy team member if it’s possible to extend your time.

      8. Take a picture of anything you write on the walls; it will last longer!

      9. If you reserve the Garage for 5 or less people,  you may be sharing the space with another small group.

      10. If you have any questions, ask an Academy team member for help.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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