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Celebrating 10(+1) Years of AIE

The year was 2013. The word of the year was “selfie.” Everyone was dancing the Harlem Shake. Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. We all wondered what the fox said while eating some delicious fro-yo. Prince George and North West were born… and so was AIE.

When the 2024 Academy team got together to brainstorm how to celebrate 10 years of AIE, here are some of the wild ideas that emerged: 

  • a post-it tie gala
  • President Loh jumping out of a giant cake
  • a commemorative Maryland Dairy ice cream flavor
  • branded AIE nail clippers

One of these ideas was chosen... read on to figure out which one!

We will be celebrating 10 (+1) years of the Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in a variety of ways spread over the next 6 months and we want to celebrate with YOU -- our star campus innovators! We've designed a variety of activities and events for students, alumni, staff, faculty and administrators to reflect, celebrate and collaboratively shape the future

Mark your calendars for things that catch your eye and let us know if you want to stay in loop on the activities and events!

Timeline of Celebration Events

AIE Celebration Event Timeline
Two students sitting down facing each other. One is talking the other is listening while smiling

Talk to a Terp

Conduct five* 20-minute Interviews with students. Create snapshots like these

- 5 interviews is a solid goal

- 10 interviews are each AIE team member’s goal

- 20 interviews are the goal that heroes are made of

Pick up the Talk to a Terp guide at the Academy office (ESJ 1130) between 4/1 - 4/12 or use the digital version.

A women smiling while taking notes in a notebook as she stands with two other people

Shadow a Terp!

Spend the day shadowing another Terp (student, faculty, or staff!) as they go about a typical day. Inspired by this Shadow-a-Student event, we did a #shadowacollegestudent version of this in 2017. See some of our observations here.

Pick up the Shadow a Terp guide at the Academy office (ESJ 1130) between 4/1 - 4/12 or use the digital version.

Three students sitting at a table filled with colorful post-its


Reflect on your Talk to a Terp and/or Shadow a Terp experiences or reflect on your work this semester or academic year.

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