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Students working in groups at tables around a classroom

Asynchronous Innovation Tools & Mindset Training

Experience different innovation tools and mindsets through our asynchronous training, which is available to the UMD community through the Open Learning platform. Explore different “Big Ideas” related to innovation through highly experiential and hands-on activities. 

This training is asynchronous, which means you can access the training materials on your own schedule and at your own pace. The training takes about 14 hours, estimating 1 hour per module. 

We encourage you to try out the asynchronous Innovation Tools & Mindsets training both to build your innovation skills as well as to get ideas and inspiration from the experiential, asynchronous activity design. Feel free to view, use, customize, and take inspiration from the training – just be sure to credit us!

Example of Credit: This activity was designed and/or inspired by the Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland

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